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DU astronomers shed new light on dying star

When DU astronomers Toshiya Ueta and Robert Stencel pointed the Spitzer Space Telescope at a dying star named R Hydrae in the constellation Hydra, they expected to see a spherical shell of low-temperature gas and dust ejected from the star by its stellar wind. Instead, they found a curved shell […]

Violence against women a hate crime, Miccio says

Law Associate Professor Kristian Miccio is a nationally recognized expert in domestic violence and has lobbied for prosecuting crimes against women and girls as hate crimes. Miccio says the recent dragging death of Luz Maria Franco-Fierros in Douglas County, the murder of Emily Keyes in Bailey, Colo., and the killing […]

Chocolatier mixes it with love to make our world taste very good

You’d think that after making 10 million or so chocolate truffles, Erich Dietrich would be sick of them. You’d think that at age 59, he’d want to hang up the candy-making apron he donned in Germany when he was 14 and swap the thick aroma of exquisite chocolate for the […]

Change in MBA curriculum is unprecedented shift in philosophy for Daniel

Students entering the MBA program at the Daniels College of Business in 2007 will encounter a revolutionary curriculum that includes 20 credit hours dedicated to saving the world. The new “MBA Compass” curriculum will constitute a full 25 percent of MBA program requirements, complementing the traditional MBA core and elective coursework. […]

Women’s College dean steps down

Women’s College dean steps down

Michele “Mike” Bloom’s odyssey as the dean of the Women’s College at the University of Denver will come to an end as she steps down at the end of the year. “Mike has had such a strong and pure vision for the Women’s College and for the transformation of women’s […]

Ritchie Center amenities are a magnet for students

Last year when Lauren Barocas had narrowed her college choices to two schools, the University of Denver and Colorado College, DU’s Ritchie Center helped her break the tie. It definitely had a big impact on my decision to come to DU,” says Barocas, a junior biological sciences major from Denver. […]

Holiday plate full? Don’t sweat it

As the holiday season nears, many are anticipating the stress that often accompanies it. “There’s a lot of talk about holiday stress, but what is meant by that?” says psychology Assistant Professor Martha Wadsworth, citing the many factors that can increase stress this time of year, including being far from […]

Midfielder Hemmings an integral part of historic NCAA tournament run

A quick search on the Internet reveals that the name Taryn means strong woman warrior. For Pioneers soccer standout Taryn Hemmings, that fits perfectly. Except for one glaring fact — she looks nothing like a warrior. The 5-foot-7, 135-pound midfielder sports a winsome smile and domestic demeanor — more librarian […]

Edwards endorses taking risks in business, life

Christopher Edwards’ resume paints the profile of a successful businessman who has founded, run and saved countless companies. It shows a breadth of knowledge in multiple industries — from medical equipment and pharmaceuticals to telecommunications and finance. It details published titles and multiple volunteer commitments. It does not, however, reveal […]

Teachers learning from students in cross-cultural course

To explore how the experiences of blacks and American Indians relate to one another, students in English Assistant Professor Christopher Teuton’s Cross-Cultural Conversations course are thinking outside the classroom. The five students in Teuton’s fall-quarter class are required to do community service at the Newcomer Center of South High School, […]

Persistence rate reaches new high

Eighty-nine percent of students who entered DU as first-year, first-time students in fall 2005 have re-enrolled this year. It is the highest one-year persistence rate since the University began tracking the number in 1997, according to an Oct. 4 report from the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.  Based on […]

Alumna Julie Nichols has a job with a lot of sole

Alumna Julie Nichols has a job with a lot of sole

Her office is strewn with boxes bearing return address labels from China and Brazil. The daily arrivals await the keen eye and marketing sagacity of Julie Nichols, BSBA ’99. Out of the boxes come shoes, shoes and more shoes — all subject to Nichols’ scrutiny. “It’s part of my responsibility […]

Tiffani Frost offers advice, support via parenting site

Tiffani Frost offers advice, support via parenting site

As editor of, Tiffani (Meiners) Frost has a tremendous knowledge of all-things-baby, but her greatest piece of parenting advice may surprise you: “Don’t feel obligated to take advice.” Frost (BA journalism ’99) says that when she was expecting her first child, well-intentioned mothers piled on mounds of unsolicited advice. […]

Paul Chan takes over as president of Denver Bar Association

Paul Chan takes over as president of Denver Bar Association

When Paul Chan was asked to consider running for president of the Denver Bar Association, he knew it wasn’t really a choice. After all, he could never turn down the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of one of his heroes — early civil rights champion and former Colorado Gov. […]

Librarian Liz Keating also helps alumni connect

Librarian Liz Keating also helps alumni connect

The stereotypical bespectacled school librarian, commanding silence with narrowed eyes and furrowed brow, never existed in the persona of Liz Keating (MA librarianship ’74). Keating is a library information specialist for Leawood Elementary School in Littleton, Colo., and she views her interaction with students as an “opportunity to impact future […]