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Groff to join scholars in D.C. to discuss Obama

An African-American think tank headquartered at the University of Denver is gathering leading black scholars from across the nation at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., on Dec. 10 to take a look at what the black community and the nation can expect from an Obama administration.

The University of Denver Center for African American Policy, directed by Colorado Senate President Peter Groff (JD ’92), will host the 90-minute event. Groff is the first African-American elected to the top Senate post. He was a Colorado co-chair for Barack Obama and a member of the Democratic National Convention Platform Committee. Groff also is the founder of and a co-host on Sirius/XM radio.

The National Press Club forum on the Obama administration features leading black political strategist and analyst Ronald Walters of the University of Maryland; Charles Ellison, also of; Princella Smith, spokesperson for American Solutions, Republican strategist and FOX News analyst; and Webster Brooks III, chief editor of the U.S./Iran Peace Project.

These five analysts represent a broad spectrum of political perspectives and will attempt to forecast the path President-elect Barack Obama will take on domestic and foreign policy challenges.

Ellison and Brooks will explore Obama’s challenges on the international front from Russia to the Middle East. Groff, Walters and Smith will assess the new Obama appointees and his future relationship with the new Congress.

“The change that President-elect Obama seeks to represent must now be reflected in the divergent viewpoints and manner in which black people and the African Diaspora engages in political discussion,” says moderator and WPFW-FM talk show host Garland Nixon. “This exciting panel represents a balanced perspective and is taking new ground with incisive foreign policy analysis.”

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