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Korbel School ranked 12th in the world, survey says

A DU master’s program in the Josef Korbel School of International Studies was recently ranked 12th in the world.

Foreign Policy magazine released a survey in their March–April issue that ranked the professional master’s program among the top-20 PhD, master’s and undergraduate programs.

“While I am pleased to have the Josef Korbel School ranked among the world’s top 15 and among the top four west of the Boston-New York-D.C. corridor, I will never be satisfied until we are number one,” says Tom Farer, dean of the Korbel School.

In the master’s listing, the Korbel School tied for 12th with Yale University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University of California-San Diego.

The Korbel School ranked ahead of schools such as Stanford University and University of Pittsburgh.

“For the first time, the Foreign Policy survey asked respondents to rank all of the international studies master’s programs in the world. Previously, only U.S. schools had been ranked,” says Farer. “Moreover, I am convinced that in terms of the intrinsic quality of the professional education we provide, an education intensely responsive to individual needs and passions, and in terms of the competitiveness of our graduates, we have few equals.”

The biennial survey was conducted by researchers at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Va.View survey rankings.

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