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School of Engineering adds dual degree program

DU students interested in combining two specialty areas within the School of Engineering and Computer Science (SECS) can now look forward to a dual-degree option.

The new dual-degree program allows students to obtain a bachelor’s and master’s degree within the School. The program takes five years to complete.

“For example, one can have a BS in electrical engineering and a MS in bioengineering,” says Dean Rahmat Shoureshi. “Any SECS graduate with this combined specialty will be on demand by many medical device and biotechnology companies.”

The current SECS dual-degree program allows students to obtain a master’s degree in a non-technical program such as business administration. The new program expands the options for the master’s degree to include obtaining a master’s in engineering or another scientific area.

Currently, 25 percent of SECS students are involved in a dual-degree program

“Our students can sharpen their specialties in cross-disciplinary areas and have a unique education that will put them ahead of many other graduates,” Shoureshi says.

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