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Tuition increase held to under three percent

The University of Denver Board of Trustees has approved a 2.91 percent tuition increase for the 2010–11 academic year.

Effective fall 2010, full-time undergraduate tuition will rise to $35,604. Room and board charges for students choosing standard double-occupancy rooms and the premium meal plan will increase to $9,816. The mandatory student fee and technology fee remain unchanged while the student health fee will increase slightly, from $420 to $432.

After all fees are factored in, the total cost of attendance for undergraduates will increase by 2.98 percent to $46,317.

As in previous years, the University is committed to offering financial assistance to students with demonstrated need. In fact, the institution plans to budget an additional $9 million in institutional financial aid next year.

“The University is acutely aware of the environment in which we made this decision, which calls for the smallest tuition increase in many years,” says Provost Gregg Kvistad. “The economic challenges of the last year have affected, sometimes dramatically, every person, every family, every business and every institution in this country.”

The University was able to limit its tuition increase because of actions it took in 2009 to curb expenses. In the course of trimming costs, the University has been careful not to compromise any of its academic programs. DU added 23 new faculty positions last year, ensuring students continue to benefit from a 10:1 student-faculty ratio and small classes where they can ask questions easily and exchange ideas freely.

The University is continuing its investment in experiences that prepare students for success in a highly competitive and ever-changing marketplace, including first-year student seminars, DU’s nationally recognizedwriting program and the Cherrington Global Scholars program.

In addition to its existing programs, the University has several new initiatives on the drawing boards, including a new language center where students can prepare for overseas study by seeking intensive training in a wide array of languages.
DU also has introduced new academic programs, such as a minor in sustainability. Available to students in most fields of study, the sustainability minor aims to prepare students to understand and address one of the pressing issues confronting our society.

Graduate student tuition will rise to $989 per credit hour effective fall 2010. Some graduate students enrolling in 12 to 18 credit hours per quarter will be charged a flat rate (tuition equivalent to 12 credit hours), or $35,604 for the academic year.

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