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DU alumnus flys high with skiing outerwear company Flylow

If there were one word to describe Flylow Gear it would be “bomber,” says owner and DU alumnus Dan Abrams.

Abrams (MA international development ’04) founded Flylow Gear — a backcountry freeride and telemark skiing clothing company — in 2003 after seeing what was on the market and deciding to produce a better product. Based in Denver, Flylow provides high-quality outdoor gear proven to withstand the most brutal weather conditions.

Abrams is the head of production, design, marketing and sales. He coordinates production with 16 different factories in countries around the world to make sure the clothing is manufactured and delivered on time.

While he didn’t major in business, Abrams says his degree from DU’s Josef Korbel School of International Studies has much to do with his success.

“The biggest thing that the school taught me was how to do business with other cultures,” Abrams says.

The company supports the University’s outdoors culture, too. For years, Flylow has given discounts to members of DU’s Alpine Club, a student group dedicated to outdoors activities.

“When I was the sponsorship coordinator I tried to keep it as local as possible,” says Alpine Club President Jon Jay. “And Flylow has been there from the beginning. It kind gave me the inspiration to keep things local just because they’re so easy to work with and he’s so stoked to help us out. I really can’t say enough good things about Dan.”

Flylow’s clothing stands up to its claim of being rugged and built to last. Jake Bogoch, editor of Skiing Magazine claims to have found the perfect pair of pants from Flylow.

“I’ve personally used them (the Chemical Pants) for two seasons and done tons of backcountry, climbing and skiing with them,” Bogoch says. “You bring that pant on a ski trip, and you might not know what kind of weather or snow you’re going to get, and you’ll know you’ll be happy.”

“We had to make it tough enough for a Rocky Mountain skier but actually maintain the technical ability of the fabrics and the designs so that you’re not dumbing down the technology just to sell in the ski shops,” Abrams says.

The key difference between Flylow Gear and other major outdoor apparel manufacturers is in the fit and durability of the clothes.

“The cuts are generous but not ridiculous, and they work. You know your ass is never going to get wet if you’re wearing their stuff,” Bogoch says.

Although Flylow is still working to gain notice in the skiing community, word-of-mouth has definitely taken off.

“Skiers are really talking about this company now, I think its really starting to gain traction,” Bogoch says.

For more information on Flylow Gear, visit www.flylowgear.com.

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