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Hockey fan embodies Pioneers pride

photo portrait

Harold Beier (BA liberal arts ’47) is the very picture of Pioneers pride. Photo: Wayne Armstrong.

Dressed in his ever-present crimson and gold apparel, Harold Beier (BA liberal arts ’47) is the very picture of Pioneers pride. Members of the campus community also know him as DU hockey’s biggest fan.

Although he retired 21 years ago, Beier has spent his golden years hard at work. Despite the endless hours he spends on the computer as the archivist for the DU Hockey Alumni Association, Beier will be the first to tell you that the years have been better than gold. They’ve been crimson and gold.

Since varsity hockey’s inaugural year in 1949, Beier has dedicated himself to the program by hosting numerous breakfasts, luncheons and post-tournament receptions and founding the Hockey Alumni Association.

Beier says necessity prompted him to create the association. He believed that in order to perpetuate the characteristic spirit of DU hockey, former coaches, players and staff had to stay involved.

“It helps players to know alumni are involved and behind them and rooting for them,” Beier says.

A sports fan through and through, Beier not only understands the importance of community for a sports program, he also understands the importance of camaraderie for an athlete’s development.

In 1967, when then head coach Murray Armstrong asked Beier if he would house a player, Beier responded, “No Murray. I won’t take just one, I’ll take two or three.”

Beier also understands the importance of preserving the program’s history. In 2001, Beier donated a roomful of hockey memorabilia to the DU Archives.

The athletic department recognized Beier for his invaluable service to DU hockey in 2006 by installing him as a special inductee into the University’s Athletic Hall of Fame. Although Beier no longer houses hockey players, he and his siblings provide support to the program through the Beier Family Endowed Hockey Scholarship.

Hockey’s biggest fan, however, has endowed far more than money. By working tirelessly to keep hockey alumni interested and involved in their alma matter, Beier has helped to create a legacy of camaraderie that will continue to benefit the program for seasons to come.

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