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Kim Daus-Edwards’ new book shares theology through photography

In her black and white “photographic canon” Force of the Spirit, Kim Daus-Edwards offers readers a window into the Bible, sharing theological insights through photography.

Daus-Edwards says she uses her imagery to dig deeper into the meaning of scripture and to explore Biblical concepts without using words that are the domain of seminarians, theologians or churches. Rather than show what the world might have looked like during the time the Bible was written, Daus-Edwards uses common imagery found in the world today. Force of the Spirit integrates theology and black and white photography and shows how each informs the other.

“The images in this book have provided a way to powerfully open up discussions on issues of faith without getting hung up on church, religion and denominations,” she explains. “It’s amazing how often people will share their own stories of God and faith just by seeing an image … Sometimes pictures and their visual stories can speak to people’s hearts and open up conversations in non-threatening ways.”

Daus-Edwards, a former business executive, is a minister as well as an award-winning photographer. She lives in Sausalito, Calif., with her husband and son.

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