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Bourbon to join wine in festival lineup

The third annual International Wine Festival slated for DU in November won’t only be for wine lovers.

Also included will be a seminar on small-batch bourbons presented by Frederick Booker Noe III. Noe is a seventh-generation descendant of the Beam family that created Jim Beam bourbon in 1795 and filled its 10 millionth barrel in 2007.

Noe’s father, Frederick Booker Noe II, was master distiller at the Jim Beam distillery for almost 50 years. His sideline signature bourbon, Booker’s, initiated the trend toward small-batch, ultra-premium bourbons that has swept the industry since Booker’s was created in 1988.

The wine festival will be Nov. 1 – 4 at the HRTM building and the Driscoll Center. For information, go

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