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Car sharing arrives on campus

With WeCar by Enterprise, members of the DU community will have access to a car-sharing program.

The University of Denver is partnering with Enterprise Rent-A-Car to bring the company’s WeCar car-sharing program to campus starting Sept. 8, offering the University of Denver community an efficient, affordable, sustainable transportation alternative.

Partnering with WeCar by Enterprise caps off months of work initiated by the DU Sustainability Council, which set off in search of a car-sharing program to complement DU’s other sustainable transportation options in early 2011. Those options include the B-Cycle bicycle sharing kiosks on campus and the Eco Pass benefit, which gives DU students, faculty and staff free access to all RTD public transportation buses and light rail.

By working with WeCar, DU is partnering with a company — Enterprise — led by an alumnus, Enterprise CEO Andrew Taylor (BSBA ’70).

DU students 18 and older, faculty and staff are eligible for membership, as are 21-and-over drivers in the surrounding community.

WeCar offers 24-hour access to hourly, daily and overnight rentals, allowing members to maintain the benefits of a personal car while paying for the vehicle only when they use it.

WeCar’s national campus car-sharing program is especially popular with students because it provides a solution to car rental age restrictions and to financial concerns associated with having a car on campus.

Registered members have access to Ford Focus vehicles parked in specially marked spaces — one on the west side of Driscoll Student Center South and the other off High Street and Jewell Avenue near Centennial Hall.

Once members register online, signing up to use the car is entirely automated. The application fee is currently being waived, and the first $35 annual membership fee is converted to rental credit. Hourly rates start at $7.50 and daily rates start at $55.

“The University of Denver is proud to be one of WeCar’s first car-sharing ventures on a university campus in Colorado,” says University of Denver Chancellor Robert Coombe. “Car sharing through WeCar offers DU community members convenient, sustainable access to a vehicle when they need it, without the expense of ownership. Along with B-Cycle bicycle sharing stations on campus and a multitude of public transportation routes available through our Eco Pass benefit, WeCar provides another way for students, faculty and staff to access our vibrant city and the spectacular Colorado environment. We are particularly pleased to partner with Enterprise, an international corporation owned and led by a 1970 University of Denver graduate, Andrew Taylor.”

WeCar members reserve a vehicle online, then access the vehicle using a membership card and return it to the same location. Fuel — and basic vehicle physical damage and state-required liability protection — are included in the standard rate plan.

“WeCar provides a more sustainable transportation solution to the University of Denver community. It is an efficient transportation alternative that incorporates automated car-sharing technology that makes it quick and easy to access the vehicles,” says Ryan Johnson, assistant vice president of WeCar.

Enterprise actively recruits and hires graduates from DU each year and is working with the University to offer a brand ambassador internship on campus to market the car-sharing service.

WeCar by Enterprise operates car-sharing programs on more than 50 college campuses throughout the United States and Canada, as well as corporate and municipal programs throughout the country.

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  1. Daily rates start at 55.00 a day? How is this ‘deal’ a benefit to DU students?

  2. Frank Lucero says:

    Sounds like a great Idea, I”d Like to know how far in advance cars can be reserved

  3. A couple answers we looked up … Frank, you can reserve a car as far as one year out. Conversely, you can reserve a car as close in as 15 minutes … provided in both cases that there is a car available.

    Joe, WeCar car-sharing focuses more on those necessary quick trips. Certainly if you’re 21 (or in some cases 25) and need a car for a long term, you should investigate traditional car rental operations, such as Enterprise. But for individuals as young as 18 who don’t have a car and depend on bicycle or public trasportation, this is an optional form of transport for those special trips. A once a week run to Super Target to stock up on food and supplies, for example, would be easier with a car … at at $7.50/hr, that’s only $15. And if your roommate goes along and shares the cost, even cheaper. You only pay for what you use. At least that’s how it’s designed. But the $55 rate isn’t bad either if four friends decide on the spur of the moment they want to ride into the mountains for the day and split it, since it includes gas. It’s all in how you use it.

  4. Is there additional charge for insurance?

  5. Is there a way to collaborate with rtd so that some main outlaying stations, I.e. Cold creek, could have 1-3 cars so students could carpool from outlying suburbs?

  6. Leave it to the progressives in Denver to make things this wonderful a reality!


  7. Roy Harris says:

    We are from South Africa and my son was accepted at UD to start in September 2012. He has a valid ZA licence and will have an international licence when he arrives in the US.

    He is 18 yrs old and wants to tour through a few states in August 2012. Will he be able to enroll and make use of the rental scheme?

  8. Ana Draghici says:

    How many cars are there on DU campus currently?

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