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City starts street sweeping reminders, new lanes for cyclists

Denver motorists who forget to move their cars on street-sweeping days and get $25 tickets as a result now have an ally.

A reminder service is available through the city Public Works Department that will shoot an e-mail to your computer the day before scheduled sweeping on your street or the day of sweeping.

Street sweeping begins April 1 and continues through November. To sign up for the reminder service, go to

Try a Sharrow

Sharrow is a new word to many, but for bike riders it’s a term whose time has come. Sharrow combines “shared lane” and “arrow” and features the profile of a bicycle with a double directional arrow above it.

Sharrows are being painted on many of the streets around DU lately as part of a city program to emphasize that bike riders are entitled to use city streets even where there are no designated lanes.

The sharrows direct bike riders to ride atop the symbols, and they advise motorists to watch out for bikes and share the road.

For more information, go to

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