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Construction to begin on University Boulevard Friday morning

Motorists using University Boulevard to get to work on Friday might want to bring a book.

At 9 a.m. that morning, crews will crimp traffic at Asbury Avenue into two lanes — one northbound, one southbound — as part of a major reconstruction of the intersection.

They also will block traffic on Asbury one block east and west of University Boulevard and set up barriers to keep pedestrians from using the intersection while the work proceeds.

The purpose is to allow crews to tear up the 9-inch-thick asphalt roadway and replace it with foot-thick, quick-hardening concrete about a half block north and south of the intersection. The intersection is one of the last areas of University Boulevard still not converted from asphalt to concrete, says R.J. Simmons, community liaison and construction inspector for Parsons, the prime contractor.

In addition to replacing the asphalt, crews will be rebuilding curbs and gutters at the intersection and making ADA compliant ramps.

To ease traffic as much as possible, the signal at Asbury Avenue will be locked on green, Simmons says. The project will wrap up by Aug. 4 at the latest.

“We’re putting the ‘A’ team on this one,” Simmons says. “You’ll be able to land heavy aircraft when we’re done.”

For further information, call the Parsons construction hotline at 303-764-8899.

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