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Francescon elected new Undergraduate Student Government president

The DU undergraduate community has spoken.

Junior Jim Francescon was elected Undergraduate Student Government president for the 2010–11 school year; sophomore Felipe Diaz will serve as vice president. They garnered 74 percent of the vote.

Francescon, a real estate and finance major, is the current student-body vice president and is president of Sigma Chi fraternity. Diaz is a political science and journalism major.

A primary issue the Francescon-Diaz ticket ran on was to better integrate international students at the University through mentorship programs.

1,294 students cast votes during a three-day voting period last week, resulting in a 29 percent voter turnout. The national average for voter turnout in student government elections is low, hovering around just 2 percent.

Other student government positions elected were:

  • Arts and Humanities senator: Nicole Deutsch
  • Daniels College of Business senators: Vanessa Torres and Charlie Wondergem
  • Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management senator: Dario Ogaz
  • International Studies senator: Luke Nifaratos
  • Natural Sciences and Mathematics senator: Stuart Portman
  • Performing Arts senator: Jeanne Ireland
  • School of Engineering and Computer Science senator: Trevor Kroeger
  • Social Science senator: Craig Hirokawa
  • Sophomore senators: Sam White and Jordan Loyd
  • Junior senators: Milan Chatterjee and Caitlin Lorenz
  • Senior senators: Kelly Walker and Mindy Stone
  • On-campus senators: Katherine Godshaw and Julia Godshaw
  • Off-campus senators: Katie Bernell and Carrie Gamper

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