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Light-rail drop off needs improvement, critics say

When critics such as City Councilman Chris Nevitt call RTD’S University of Denver light-rail station “a disaster,” they usually mean problems for kiss-n-riders.

Drivers who drop off passengers at the station have a more difficult time doing so than they should, critics say, because of the way the station is designed. It favors parkers who leave their cars in the RTD garage before hopping on the light rail, and it disadvantages other commuters.

The station has one entrance lane for motorists entering from Buchtel Boulevard or High Street and three exit lanes for cars leaving or buses passing through. Many users complain that there is no safe, easy mechanism for entering the station and dropping off or picking up commuters without having to perform a U-turn.

A spokeswoman for RTD says the district is reviewing the situation but for the moment “we’ll have to live with what we have.”

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