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Officials investigating cause of student illnesses

Twenty-eight students have been treated by medical personnel for possible food poisoning. Thirteen students were treated at the University Health Center, and 15 were treated at Porter Hospital; one student was hospitalized.

All of the ill students are expected to make a full recovery, says Dr. Sam Alexander, director of the University Health and Counseling Center.

Students began experiencing symptoms — including vomiting, stomach cramps and dehydration — late Sunday, April 13.

Many of the students reported eating in the Centennial Halls dining hall on Sunday. Sodexho operates the dining facility.

The Denver Health Department has completed an inspection of the Centennial Halls dining facility and kitchen and found no contamination. Inspectors have not yet determined whether the illness was bacterial or viral.

Other campus dining facilities were unaffected.

The investigation into the cause of the isolated outbreak is continuing, Alexander says, noting that the University is communicating with students about possible symptoms.

Alexander says students experiencing abdominal symptoms should contact the University Health Center at 303-871-2205; call 911 for a life-threatening emergency.

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