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Student launches biz paper

A finance student at the Daniels College of Business has started an unofficial newspaper targeting business students.

The Pioneer Business Review will be available on campus beginning April 7. It is the brainchild of Spencer Arnold, who began developing the newspaper during winter quarter.

“The original purpose [of the Pioneer Business Review] was to build community in Daniels, pull professionalism and showcase students doing cool things,” Arnold says.

The newspaper will total eight pages and publish twice per quarter — during the third and seventh weeks. Although the Pioneer Business Review will cover business topics and the Daniels College of Business, it is in no way affiliated with Daniels, Arnold says.

Arnold has received funding for the project from the Undergraduate Business Student Association (UBSA). The Pioneer Business Review will receive $1,200 per quarter from UBSA, most of which will cover printing costs, Arnold says.

Members of UBSA also have served as consultants for the project, including seniors Alexa Dunnigan and Michael Kemp. Jilian Halterman, Samson Everhart and Kelsi Tamashiro also helped Arnold throughout the process of assembling the Pioneer Business Review. Professor Elizabeth Stapp, who lectures on business ethics and legal studies, expressed interest in serving as faculty adviser.

Steven Stoker, who started DU’s satirical newspaper, The Spit Valve, guided Arnold through the process of starting a student publication.

“The hardest part has been bringing people from the interest stage to the writing stage,” Arnold says.

Arnold hopes the Review will illuminate creativity in the business school and highlight student entrepreneurship. He also wants the newspaper to give people — especially freshmen — a better understanding of what Daniels is about. Arnold also wants the Pioneer Business Review to “set a fire under Daniels,” so that the school focuses more on entrepreneurialism, he says.

Ed. Note: This story originally appeared in the Clarion, DU’s student newspaper.


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