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Career Center offers advice for finding work overseas

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Research reports on traffic accidents, theft and illness in your destination country. Photo: iStock

Q: I’d like to work abroad. How do I go about finding a job in another country?

A: If you’ve set your sights upon finding a job overseas, there are some things to consider before you send a résumé to lands unknown:

• Employment rates are not the same in every country. Research the country’s embassy Web site to find statistics.

• In some countries a basic knowledge of the language is important, while in others, the fact that English is your first language is a bonus.

• Living standards, and therefore pay levels, are not the same in every country. Your travel costs could exceed a local person’s annual salary.

• Your cultural competency about the country you’ll be living in may not match your new supervisor’s, or vice versa. It may be difficult to adjust to social mores.

• Work-abroad programs are only available during certain times of the year and within a specified time of your graduation.

• Personal safety in the country you’ll be working in varies; research reports on illnesses, traffic accidents and theft.

• Check with alumni who are from the country you want to work in for networking opportunities.

The Daniels College of Business Suitts Center for Career Services can assist graduate alumni with international job searches; call 303-871-2154. Undergraduate alumni should contact the DU Career Center at 303-871-2150.

Tips reprinted from the March 2007 NACE Journal with permission of the National Association of Colleges and Employers, copyright holder.

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