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Jeffrey Jenson, Ph.D.

Primary Area of Expertise

  • Etiology
  • Prevention, and treatment of adolescent problem behavior
  • Intervention research

Also qualified to speak on topics in the following areas:

  • Social work
  • Sociology
  • Child/adolescent psychology


Jeffrey M. Jenson, Ph.D., is the Philip D. and Eleanor G. Winn Professor for Children and Youth at Risk and Associate Dean for Research in the Graduate School of Social Work, University of Denver. Professor Jenson’s teaching and research interests focus on the etiology, prevention, and treatment of childhood and adolescent aggression, juvenile delinquency, and substance abuse. He has published three books and numerous articles on the topic of adolescent problem behavior. Jenson’s recent book, “Social Policy for Children and Youth: A Risk and Resilience Perspective” (with Mark Fraser), was the 2008 recipient of the Society for Research on Adolescence Social Policy Award for Best Edited Book. Jenson is currently principal investigator of the Youth Empowerment Project, an investigation aimed at improving academic and behavioral outcomes among youth residing in four Denver public housing communities; this Office of Minority-funded grant is being implemented in the sites that constitute the prototype program used in the proposed book. He was recently principal investigator of the Youth Matters Denver Public Schools Prevention Project, a randomized trial assessing the effects of a structured curriculum on aggression and substance use among elementary school students in 28 Denver public schools. Jenson received the University of Denver Distinguished Scholar Award in 2003 and the University Lecturer Award in 2007. He was Editor-in-Chief of the journal “Social Work Research” from 2004-2008. Jenson received the Aaron Rosen Award for his scholarly contributions from the Society for Social Work and Research in January 2009.

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  • Home Phone: 303-554-9253
  • Best Contact Method: Office

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