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Alum turns bicycle passion into tour service business

When Andy Levine (BA ’92) was 10-years-old, he built a ramp on his lawn so he could “get air” on his bicycle.

Fast forward 12 years. The day after Levine grabbed his diploma from the University of Denver on June 5, 1992, he hopped on a plane for some serious “air” and headed for Burgundy, France — his bike stowed in the luggage compartment.

After a few days of biking around the countryside, his career was sealed.

“The beauty, charm and history amazed me so much, I felt I had to share it with others,” Levine says.

So he started DuVine Adventures, a bicycle touring company that sends customers rolling through unspoiled villages around the globe: France, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand and California’s wine country.

Levine’s favorite tour?

“To be honest, I love it all and any time of year,” he says. “When I’m visiting a group and cycling, tasting wine and having great dinner with guests I’m always very happy not only because it’s a fun job, but also to see so many happy faces and lives are transformed.”

He says that during his days at DU he rode his bike every day.

“DU helped me in many ways,” he explains. “I learned that if you wanted to get something done, you just needed to work at it. And I learned about customer service because everyone there was so accommodating. We really focus on the highest level of customer service.”

Barbara and Robert Jobin of Lafayette, Colo., are familiar with Levine’s customer service; they took a tour in the south of France (Provence) and loved it.

“It was a first-class experience,” Barbara says. “Our guides spoke fluent French, took care of our bikes and taught us French history, geography, cuisine and wine. We enjoyed it so much that we’re signed up to tour Tuscany in October.”


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