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Alumnus provides Christian entertainment in Sin City

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Dale Davidson

For Dale Davidson (BA mass communications ’72), leaving Las Vegas isn’t an option. He’s there to use his 30-plus years of broadcasting experience at a Christian TV station to bring a positive message to “Sin City.”

As general manager of KEEN 17 TV, a station owned by Total Living Network — one of the largest U.S. Christian networks — Davidson says he’s dedicated to providing family television in a city known for its adult-only entertainment.

“In addition to Christian programming — talk shows, preachers, interview programs — we also show what we consider family-oriented programs (no profanity, no adult situations),” Davidson says. “We exist to counter some of the bad stuff on local and network channels.

“It’s our goal to reinforce the work of the local church,” he continues, “and to bring the message of the saving grace of Jesus Christ to both residents and visitors.”

Davidson adds that with more than 40 million people visiting Las Vegas just last year, there is a huge potential audience. KEEN TV plans to use mobile billboards that drive up and down the Strip, advertising that visitors can get Christian family television in their hotel rooms

“As a Christian network, we have a calling to go to the tougher markets and that’s why we are here in Las Vegas,” Davidson says.

But Christians aren’t the only ones watching. “We often hear people say, ‘I know that your shows are safe for my family, and I can go in the kitchen and get dinner ready and not worry about what my kids see. And, they might actually get instructed.’”

Davidson hasn’t always mixed career and faith. His first hands-on experience was in mass media while at DU. He was one of the students who helped launch DU’s student radio station KCFR in the 1970s and was involved in the closed-circuit DU TV station.

And for many years prior to joining KEEN 17, he was successful in mainstream advertising, radio and television, winning awards and raising ratings. It wasn’t until he became a Christian 15 years ago that he made the switch to the faith sector.

“You set priorities and those change when your core beliefs change,” explains Davidson, adding that he’s found more personal satisfaction working in an industry that supports and expands his faith.

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