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Art exhibit open until it melts

Lawrence Argent’s latest art exhibit is on display in Vail, Colo., until it melts.

Argent, a DU art professor, and Scott Rella, a Vail-based artist, have created seven ice sculptures along Gore Creek Promenade in the Vail Village. The exhibit is titled “are you listening….”

Argent is known for I See What You Mean — a blue bear sculpture outside the Colorado Convention Center in Denver. Argent has developed a style that includes sculpting larger-than-life figures. He is taking a similar approach in Vail by creating renderings of the human ear that stand more than six feet tall. The sculptures are illuminated at night with energy-efficient LED lighting.

Argent says he is exploring the pathways of listening with the ice sculptures.

“What do we listen to? What or who is creating the sounds we listen to? When we do, how is it filtered through our systems of consciousness and knowledge?” he asks.

The art exhibit is part of Vail’s Triumph Winterfest. Winterfest has garnered recognition for artistic merit and has been named one of America’s best public art projects by the Americans for the Arts. “Are you listening…” will be on view throughout the day and evenings, until the ice melts.

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