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Baby expert says take or leave advice

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Tiffani Frost

As editor of, Tiffani (Meiners) Frost has a tremendous knowledge of all-things-baby, but her greatest piece of parenting advice may surprise you: “Don’t feel obligated to take advice.”

Frost (BA journalism ’99) says that when she was expecting her first child, well-intentioned mothers piled on mounds of unsolicited advice. And while at first she felt obligated to take it, “I had to follow my own ideas of motherhood,” she explains.

Which is why Frost came to rely on to get all the information and select the best options for her.

Today, she’s the Web site’s regional editor, updating it weekly with local calendar events, resources and profiles. “It combined my love for writing and parenting,” says Frost.

The site provides information on everything from local birthing facilities and doulas to features on preconception, child development and parenting techniques. Registered visitors can participate in chat rooms and message boards, create their own pregnancy journals and receive e-newsletters personalized to their stage of pregnancy or the age of their child.

“The Web site’s a great resource for every aspect of your pregnancy and your role as a parent,” Frost says.

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