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Documentary chronicles Jewish American achievements

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Professor Jeanne Abrams contributed to "A History of Jewish American Achievement" in a number of ways.

DU Professor Jeanne Abrams recently served as the history consultant and a scriptwriter for the eight-part documentary, A History of Jewish American Achievement.

The film was released in March and features 40 Jewish Americans who played vital roles in the development of America. The timeline begins with the first Jewish settlers in 1654 and ends with Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook.

Filmmakers contacted Abrams after learning she was a national expert on the history of the American Jewish community.

“I had a complex, multilayered role in the production,” Abrams says. “I was the primary consultant, I did some script writing, and I was interviewed in some of my areas of expertise for the film.”

Abrams says the film is ideal for high school and college history classes to illustrate diversity and immigration. She will use segments of the film in her American Jewish history course, next offered during winter quarter.

To see a preview or order the series, visit the Ambrose video website.

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