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Masket featured in popular YouTube video about DNC

Denver-based video production company Fireside Production features DU political science Assistant Professor Seth Masket in their latest YouTube video, Convention 101.

The video features the co-founder of Fireside Production, Naomi Binkley, firing questions at Masket about how and why conventions work the way they do.

“What we’ve found is that people are hungry for unbiased information delivered in a memorable format,” says Binkley. “They’re excited about this election season, and video blogs are offering another avenue to gain knowledge and spark dialogue.”

In addition to handling a multitude of media requests, Masket is also one of the 70 Colorado delegates at the Democratic National Convention (DNC). He will maintain his blog as a participant and observer during the DNC.

And, he’s likely to be in future Fireside features. When Masket was featured in their Politics 101 video, it received 114,000 YouTube hits. Convention 101 was in the top 100 most viewed news and political videos in countries such as Germany, Spain, Poland and Russia on Aug. 24, the day after the video was posted.

“It was one of the top 25 videos in its category in Mexico and Brazil,” Binkley says. “That’s in large part because of Seth Masket.”

Read about Masket’s role as delegate and his students who are interning at the DNC.

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