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Myhren Gallery to exhibit video games

The Myhren Gallery will look more like an arcade than a traditional art exhibit beginning Aug. 6. 

The gallery will be re-configured to exhibit video games developed by high school freshmen and sophomores who participated in the University of Denver’s video game development camp held July 1–28.

“We’re using the gallery as a teaching tool to share with general audiences the visual components that make up the games,” says Rafael Fajardo, a DU art and art history professor.

Denver-area students spent two weeks at DU learning how to design and create video games. While their desire to learn science and math was fostered, the students also learned the importance of artwork in video gaming. 

“To be effective, a game needs to be visually interesting,” says Susan Meyer, an adjunct art professor. “When you think of the games that are popular, they are incredibly rich visually.”

Cassandra Duchan designed a game where a player tries to make a ballet dancer move to the beat of the music. The 15-year-old says she’s proud to show off her work in the gallery. 

“It’ll be cool because I like to show people what I’ve done,” she says.

Drew Mathisen’s game — Breaking the Glass Ceiling — has a female worker navigate through the hallways of a company. If she runs into a male co-worker, it could lower her morale points. 

“The goal is to collect the keys to success and in the end become the boss,” says Mathisen, who is 14.

Those are just two examples of the work that will be on display. Finished games, sketches and storyboards also will be featured. 

An opening reception will take place Aug. 6, 5–8 p.m. The exhibit runs through Sept. 16.

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