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Professor teaches success through theater

Anthony Hubert is an idea man; his wife, Jamie Roehrig-Hubert, makes it happen. 

He wanted to start an organization that specialized in teaching theater to children and young adults. Six months later, his wife formed the Rocky Mountain Conservatory Theatre.

The couple moved to Denver in August 2006 for Hubert’s position as assistant professor of acting and directing in DU’s theater department

Hubert works with the students; Roehrig-Hubert does everything else from enrollment to Web site design. 

The dream started years ago when growing up in the projects of Atlanta, Hubert’s mother signed him up for any free program she could find. While Hubert enjoyed the acting lessons, he always came back to teach his friends whatever he learned, from acting to tennis. 

“Teaching is a part of me,” he says. “It’s something I’ll always do.” 

And while teaching is his passion, Hubert’s had plenty of professional experience in television, film and the stage. He’s directed 20 plays and starred in 16 others. He’s also played Donald in the movie Sweat and was a guest star on the shows Sins of the City andSheena.  

“This is a viable lifestyle,” he says. “Art is as valuable as business. It is a business. It’s called show business, not art!” 

Roehrig-Hubert has no interest in show business but is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business administration at DU.

She wanted to use her administrative and marketing skills for the Rocky Mountain Conservatory Theatre because of her 7-year-old daughter.

“It is a chance for me to use my business skills to create the type of environment that I would desire and expect out of an enrichment program for her,” she says. “It is really an opportunity for Anthony and I to provide what we hope is an ideal situation for kids to thrive in.”

The conservatory’s mission is to teach youth the skills they need to cultivate healthy relationships, build self-esteem and generate positive attitudes through working in theater.

Since the conservatory’s start, they’ve hosted a summer camp, acting classes and this December, an all-youth production of A Christmas Carol.

Lorenzo Lucero, 11, plays Bob Cratchit, the abused clerk of Ebenezer Scrooge, in A Christmas Carol. Lucero was blown away by Hubert’s performance in a recent DU production of Othello and wanted to learn from him.

“He was such a good actor, and I wanted to learn from a real actor,” Lucero says. “He really helps us.” 

While the conservatory is open to any applicant ages 6 to 18, Roehrig-Hubert would like to pursue grants or donations to sponsor children who couldn’t afford to come. Hubert would like to give children the same opportunity he was afforded.

“Art is a foundation for success in the read world,” he says. “I don’t know anyone who runs a company who isn’t a creative thinker.”

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