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Women’s College student named first president of Latina Chamber of Denver

When Theresa Solano first began taking classes at the Women’s College at DU, her goal was to improve her leadership skills. First she took classes to pursue her dreams, but now Solano is helping other Latinas pursue theirs as the first president and CEO of the Latina Chamber of Denver.

With a desire to lead the Latina Chamber since it began five years ago, Solano credits her experience and education at the Women’s College with helping her confidently step into the position.

“I have always been a very strong and self-assured person, always willing to work hard,” she says. “The Women’s College helped me feel even more empowered to create my own opportunity and go after my dream of leading the Latina Chamber of Denver.”

One of the college’s Public Service Credit Union scholars, Solano wants to help Latinas reach the top in their businesses, their communities and their families.

“It is the core belief of the Latina Chamber that everyone should have a fair chance and no one should be left behind for lack of access, knowledge or assistance in achieving their goals,” Solano says. “I am looking forward to giving back to the community by building a truly strong and viable organization for generations of Latinas to come.”

Besides working on her bachelor’s degree in communications with a minor in law and society, Solano is board president of Mi Casa Resource Center and mayoral appointee and co-chair of the Denver Latino Commission. She also serves on the board of Partnerships for Healthy Communities and the Latin American Research and Service Agency.

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