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Writer turned teacher finds new avenues for creativity

Life seems to be imitating art for DU alumna Coleen Hubbard (MLS ’97).

The author, playwright and teacher says she writes “about women in transition” is going through some exciting changes of her own.

With two daughters in college and her youngest poised to join them, Hubbard sought out a career with a more stable source of income. Thanks to the master’s degree she earned from University College, Hubbard found teaching jobs at Red Rocks Community College and Aurora Community College before joining the faculty of St. Mary’s Academy, where her daughters attended high school.

Now, the 20-year freelance veteran teaches AP English, American literature and playwriting at St. Mary’s Academy.

Although the demands and challenges of teaching at the all-girls high school have forced Hubbard to shelve her writing projects, she hasn’t shelved her creativity.

“Every day in the classroom is a performance,” says Hubbard, who had her students respond to The Catcher in the Rye by making a mixed CD of music they would give to Holden Caulfield if they could.

“Even though they weren’t writing about the literature they were connecting to it with music, which is so important to these girls,” Hubbard says.

Over this summer’s recess, Hubbard hopes to find time to nurture her creative tendencies. For now, however, Hubbard couldn’t be happier that her DU education has enabled her to pursue a rewarding career path that has given her a new creative outlet and a strong sense of community.

“I like the relationships you build with students,” she says. “I like it when I see somebody make a connection between what they’re reading and their life. When they make those sort of connections that are really inspiring to them, it’s inspiring to me.”

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