Pioneers Top 10: Signs you have a gambling problem

(in no particular order)

1. Being matter of fact about large losses: “But I haven’t lost that much,” or, “It isn’t as if I gamble every day”

2. Gambling for a longer time period than planned

3. Loss of sleep due to gambling late into the night or inability to shut off thoughts of gambling

4. Exhausting supply of money; using money for gambling rather than for paying bills

5. Using gambling to relieve feelings of loneliness, emptiness, anxiety or depression

6. Repeated, unsuccessful attempts to stop gambling

7. Breaking the law in order to finance gambling

8. Borrowing money to finance gambling

9. Feeling depressed or suicidal because of gambling losses

10. Feeling remorseful after gambling

Compiled by Mike Faragher, director of DU’s Problem Gambling Treatment and Research Center. Problem Gambling Awareness Week is March 6–12.


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