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Magazine ranks DU athletics in top 25

A new Sports Illustrated ranking has lauded the University of Denver for having one of the top collegiate athletic programs in the country for 2007–08.

DU was tied with Wisconsin for 23rd among the top 25 athletics programs of the 330 Division I schools in the country.

The rankings were published on, the magazine’s online version, July 16.

The magazine’s scoring system was based on national titles, top-30 finishes and conference championships. The top five schools were Arizona State, Stanford, UCLA, North Carolina and Georgia.

DU garnered points for winning four regular season titles (women’s golf, men’s golf, men’s lacrosse and volleyball); three postseason titles (women’s soccer, hockey and women’s tennis); and for finishing four teams in the top 30 (gymnastics, women’s golf, hockey and men’s lacrosse).

DU’s national skiing championship was not among the sports titles counted for accumulation of points.

In June, DU finished No. 47 in the U.S. Sports Academy Directors’ Cup, the Pioneers’ highest rank ever.

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