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Mystery solved

Thank you to John Vaccaro (BA ’59, MA ’64) of Escondido, Calif.; Sterling Nelson (BSBA ’56, MBA ’71) of Evergreen, Colo.; and Don Cushing (BA ’56, MA ’62) of Highlands Ranch, Colo., who wrote in to identify the football players who appeared in the photo on page 51 of the summer issue. Bob Huber (BS ’59) is pictured standing; seated, left to right, are Ben Miller (BFA ’60), Willie Jackson (BS ’57) and Ed Stuart (BA ’58).


Morton in the ’60s

I met Peter Morton (“Hard Rock Life,” summer 2011) in September 1966, when he was an incoming freshman at DU. He was assigned to a second-floor room at Johnson-McFarlane Hall. I served as the resident adviser for the floor, as I was in the first year of working on an MA in Student Personnel Services (headed by Eunice Hilton and Barbara Mertz). On the day of his arrival, I learned Peter was from Chicago. His father, Arnold Morton, introduced himself to me (not in the presence of Peter) and said: “My son can be a real handful, so here is my card. If he gives you any trouble get in touch with me right away!” Of course, I never had to call Mr. Morton, but Peter had a look and attitude about him and I knew he would be a huge success in life. We certainly have not been disappointed!

Chuck Larson (MA ’68)
Pawleys Island, S.C.



Comments from our online readers

On “Good taste,” about Professor Jack Kinnamon and his research on taste buds:

“Dr. Kinnamon’s classes were among my favorite — he gave the most interesting lectures and demonstrations. He’s doing such interesting work!”

—Sara Shanahan (BA ’11)


On the profile of Blair Taylor, owner of Barolo Grill and Enotec Imports:

“Great guy and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to food and wine. Does anyone remember Dudley’s? Blair and I were housemates when we were at DU. Thanks for sharing his story.”

—Walt McDowell (BSBA ’74)


“Great to see you followed your love for wine. There is always room for another great restaurant.”

—Jule Gassenheimer (BSBA ’74)


On “Team colors,” about the Crimson and Gold Inn near campus:

“We called it C&G’s. Within walking distance from campus at the edge of the 1-mile alcohol-free zone that existed until the “Draught Board” opened in the student union circa 1969 (pun on Vietnam War selective service draft board, of course). Remember celebrating my 18th birthday there with my fellow freshman roommates like it was yesterday.”

—Rich Herz (BSCHE ’70)


On the profile of Maddy D’Amato and Alex Hasulak, founders of Love Grown Foods granola:

Since trying this at the International Women’s 5K in Colorado in May I have been searching high and low for this product. I’m going to check out Kroger now!!! I hope I can find it!!! I love it.






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