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Recommendations of DU’s SIP panel on immigration

  1. Recognize global migration as an opportunity, not a reality to be ignored.
  2. Immigration policy should deliver economic, social and other benefits to the United States.
  3. Immigration priorities should place U.S. interests first.
  4. Goals for immigration should be, in this order: national security, social vitality, economic advantage, family unification and refugee relief.
  5. Federal laws should define appropriate roles for state and local government.
  6. Congress should create a process that shares implementation of immigration policy with state and local governments and prohibits unfunded federal mandates.
  7. Reforms should be comprehensive, comprehensible, simple and transparent.
  8. The visa system should be simplified to just eight visa categories.
  9. Congress should establish an independent immigration management commission.
  10. Employment-based visas should be issued after consulting with states and employers.
  11. The annual diversity lottery should be eliminated, transferring those visas to the convertible visa category.
  12. The U.S. should continue efforts to strengthen its borders and fund border protection agencies at effective levels.
  13. Employers should be recognized as allies and be provided tools necessary to support immigration policies.
  14. An electronic employee eligibility status verification, such as E-Verify, should be made permanent and its use required.
  15. A secure national ID card should be required for employment.
  16. English language classes should be offered, and English proficiency should be required for permanent residency status.
  17. After establishing a secure national employment ID card and an electronic verification system for employers, a provisional legal status should be created for those already here illegally.
  18. Federal, state and local public benefits for illegal immigrants should be limited to those services currently allowed by law and should not be expanded.
  19. The total number of employment-based visas should be increased and then be managed annually based on economic conditions.
  20. The government should create a visa category for immigrants with superior education, experience, skills or talents.
  21. The government should create temporary work visas for seasonal and short-term employment.
  22. Family-based immigration should not be numerically capped, but should be managed through the number of employment and refugee visas issued.
  23. Limitations should be placed on immigration based on family ties, and for all purposes, “family members” should include only the spouse, unmarried minor children and parents.
  24. Congress should create a time-limited provisional legal status program for those already here illegally.

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