This month in history: May

KEGH campus radio station circa 1984May 1, 1984

Pioneers radio station KEGH goes on air


When KEGH—pronounced “Keg”—hit the airwaves on May 1, 1984, the campus radio station hoped to provide a better programming line-up than its recent predecessor, KAOS, which, according to a Jan. 11, 1982, article in The Clarion, was notorious for playing “opera and acid rock.” Initially, students living in Johnson-McFarlane, Centennial Halls, and Centennial Towers could listen to music by the likes of Foreigner, Pat Benatar, Billy Joel and Stevie Wonder and benefit from a daily Jazzercise session. Like the campus stations that came before it, however, KEGH had financial problems and was forced to scale back its non-stop programming to weekday transmissions, eventually shutting down permanently. And so, in the words of Queen, “Another One Bites the Dust.”

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