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Alumnus Peter Jones is one of the world’s foremost cave photographers

You remember it. The family road trip, complete with mom and dad in the front seat of the station wagon, your little brother complaining of carsickness and you staring out the window wondering why your folks didn’t send you to summer camp. Then, like a mirage, you see it — […]

DU-Colorado College rivalry one of nation’s oldest

Loyalty. Pride. Tradition. Add a heaping helping of mutual dislike and you have the recipe for a delicious college rivalry. The longstanding rivalry between the DU Pioneers and the Colorado College (CC) Tigers is based more on what the two schools have in common: “Both are private institutions in an […]

Elitch’s Trocadero Ballroom was a place where memories were made

For generations of DU students, Elitch Gardens was one of Denver’s most popular destinations for a date or a night out with the crowd. The Trocadero Ballroom, Elitch’s spacious outdoor dancing pavilion, was a special destination. The touring dance bands of the 1930s, ’40s and ’50s — Harry James, Les […]

Figure skating program gives Special Olympians a place to belong

Melea Riley, 12, confidently steps out on the ice and practices her waltz jump, half lutz and half loop. Then, with determination on her petite face, she attempts her latest stunt, the salchow. After wobbly success, Melea looks up at her mom, Shana Riley, for applause. Bystanders would never guess […]

Students tutor Tibetan refugees in India

In December, 14 DU students spent four weeks volunteering in Dharamsala, India, which is home to about 20,000 Tibetan refugees.The work was part of Project Dharamsala, a 5-credit course that integrates classroom theory with active learning. The 12 undergraduate and two graduate students spent about four hours every day doing […]

DU Rugby Club leads a rough and tumble life

What’s kept the DU Rugby Club tradition going for the past 40 years? “The camaraderie you have with your mates is unmatched in any other sport, like being able to beat the living tar out of another team for 80 minutes and then partying with them afterwards like nothing ever […]

Ancient languages enhance understanding of the present

“Want to be wait-listed for Classical Greek?” “Just two seats left in Intermediate Latin; don’t wait too long to enroll!” No one will ever hear either remark at DU. Courses about mythology and ancient literature draw many times more students than the ancient languages themselves. Nevertheless, the very words of […]

Learning gone wild

For 14 years, international studies Assoc. Prof. Art Gilbert has led students to Costa Rica for a course like no other.

The last living member of the Beat inner circle, alumna Carolyn Cassady has her own tale to tell.

It is both a legacy and a burden to be at the epicenter of a social movement. Alumna Carolyn Cassady, a DU theatre and fine arts master’s student in 1946–47, is the last surviving member of the original Beat clan. She has spent a lifetime recounting the colorful life and […]