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Snowboarding is alum’s passion and work

Drew Amer’s business (BSBA ’07) can be summed up in two words: simple and outrageous. He co-owns the snowboard clothing company FUNhat, which produces hats, T-shirts and hooded sweatshirts. Originally from Ohio, Amer grew up snowboarding and continued his passion for the sport at DU, where he captained the snowboard […]

Alum reports for Al Jazeera

A few weeks ago Gabriel Elizondo (MA ’03) was in northern Brazil investigating the story of a 15-year-old girl who was jailed in a cell with 20 men and raped repeatedly.  In August, he covered the biggest earthquake to hit Peru in three decades.  And in October, he was reporting […]

University of Denver alumnus anchors news

Many young journalism graduates dream of the day they can sit in the anchor’s chair. Todd Unger didn’t have to wait long to realize that dream; he graduated from the DU School of Communication in June and now is a reporter and anchor for KNOP-TV, the NBC affiliate in North Platte, Neb.  […]

Retiree finds passion in activism

Retiring after 30 years of teaching was a new beginning for JoAnn (Corbett) Huff (BA ’51). Huff used her newfound free time to volunteer at the Cancer Research Center in Albuquerque, N.M. A breast cancer survivor since 1977, when Huff took up the cause, she found a whole new motivation. […]

Professor teaches success through theater

Anthony Hubert is an idea man; his wife, Jamie Roehrig-Hubert, makes it happen.  He wanted to start an organization that specialized in teaching theater to children and young adults. Six months later, his wife formed the Rocky Mountain Conservatory Theatre. The couple moved to Denver in August 2006 for Hubert’s position […]

Economics program exposes students to diverse thought

In the recent turmoil that has been shaking the financial markets and some of the leading financial firms, some observers have been citing the ideas of less recognized economists.  “An appreciation of the history of thinking about economics allows students to take a more critical perspective toward economic ideas and […]

Ricks Center student gets a white Christmas

Fourth grade Ricks Center student Chloe Nosan didn’t need snow this year. She’s playing Susan Waverly in the production of White Christmas at theDenver Center for Performing Arts through Dec. 30.  Nosan, 9, has been acting since she was 5. She’s been in two productions at the Aurora Fox Arts Center. “It’s […]

DU’s first-ever sister school gains support

One of DU’s newest student organizations is up and walking on its own two feet in its journey to educate children in Africa. Building Tomorrow (BT) is a nonprofit organization that gives college students resources to raise money to build schools in sub-Saharan Africa.  DU’s chapter is armed with a […]

Campus closure brings holiday joy, energy savings

The University of Denver will close Dec. 25–28 and Dec. 31. Including the weekend between Christmas and New Year’s Day, altogether that’s eight days most employees will have off. Last year was the first time the University had closed for two extra days. The recommendation to make the last five […]

State attorney general trains next generation at DU

A visiting professor leading a class at the University of Denver’s Sturm College of Law lands some impressive guest speakers: nationally known death penalty expert David Lane, Denver District Attorney Mitchell Morrissey, Colorado marijuana-rights crusader Mason Tvert and Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter. But that’s the kind of “A” list a visiting […]

Gay, homeless teens at greater risk, study finds

Once they become homeless, young people are more likely to abuse substances, be the victims of physical abuse, contract HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, experience mental health problems and engage in survival sex. Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) youths are at even greater risk than their homeless heterosexual […]

DU’s athletes hail from near and far … and farther still

When alpine skiing head coach Andy LeRoy drives the school van to the mountains, he often hears chatter behind him in up to six languages.  “It gets pretty interesting,” he says. “I can hear a little German, some French and some Italian.” LeRoy’s not alone. Other DU coaches can share […]

Professor charts the universe’s big bangs

Jennifer Hoffman’s research is a blast. A huge blast. Think: Supernova. Hoffman, an assistant professor of astronomy, studies the life of stars, specifically in the period when they go from rapidly-burning, churning balls of gas to the moment they implode and then explode in a supernova, spewing streams of energy and […]

DU profs use clickers to gauge student interest, understanding

A technology being used by a wide variety of organizations, including churches and casinos, is growing in popularity in classrooms at the University of Denver. In fall 2006, the DU Bookstore sold 193 clickers, and this fall they sold 700 clickers. Clickers, or audience response systems, are small rectangular devices that […]

High school showcases computer gaming

A Denver high school is celebrating the first partnership between the University of Denver’scomputer game design program and a public school. DU Professors Debra Austin, Rafael Fajardo and Scott Leutenegger trained their first group of high school teachers in a new computer game design curriculum, helping them incorporate elements of […]