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Disaster psychology program garners innovation award

A world torn apart by war, political violence, natural disasters and epidemics creates a corresponding need for mental health clinicians who are trained to address those affected by such traumas. The University of Denver is addressing that need in its International Disaster Psychology program. The program, part of the Graduate […]

Researcher identifies potential ‘risk’ genes for dyslexia

The brain fascinates DU psychology Professor Bruce Pennington. Discovering what makes it work, and what doesn’t, is his life’s work. One such discovery landed Pennington’s work on the pages of Science magazine. Pennington’s colleagues found that genetic miscues alter brain development in the womb, predisposing children to problems later in life. […]

Social Work fights to keep families together

A DU school is fighting the effects poverty, incarceration, substance abuse and domestic violence can have on families.  The Erna and Brad Butler Institute for Families at the Graduate School of Social Work (GSSW) is leading a multi-state project aimed at strengthening marriages in order to prevent family dissolutions, child […]

Rebel women the focus of history course

An early modern lesbian nun, a female Spanish conquistador, 17th century English witches and 19th century Mexican prostitutes. These are the kinds of characters being studied in the history department’s Issues in World History: Deviant Women. “We are getting students to think about history through this concept of deviance,” says […]

Rangel fellow preparing for Foreign Service career

International affairs master’s candidate Andrea Corey is one of a handful of students destined to change the face of American diplomacy through the Rangel International Affairs Diversity Program.  “For years, I have worked to create a mechanism to make our State Department and Foreign Service look like America,” says Rep. […]