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Treadmills hit 30,000 mile-mark

Treadmill users at the Coors Fitness Center have been going nowhere lately faster than ever. In February, six of the center’s 18 commercial-grade Cybex treadmills logged 30,000 miles after only 19 months of service. Typically, it takes three to five years. “You’re in rare air,” says Steve Suchanek, director of product […]

University policy covers gender identity and expression

Prejudice against transgender people takes many forms. It may be reflected in something as simple as using the incorrect pronoun when referring to someone who looks like a man but identifies as a woman, or vice versa. Or it may show itself in more subtle but discriminatory ways, such as […]

Students lobby state representatives

On Jan. 25, two-dozen students charged the Capitol as new leaders in early childcare and education reform. The daylong event was part of the Buell Early Child Leadership Program’s policy and advocacy course. Graduate students spent the day touring the grounds, meeting with legislators and lobbying their state representatives and […]

Competition adds up for DU tax teams

The University of Denver’s Graduate Tax Program is adding another victory to its ledger. In its first year of competition in the American Bar Association’s Law Student Tax Challenge, the Graduate Tax Program placed three teams in the final round of LLM (Master of Laws) competition, held Jan. 17–19 outside Las […]

Land use conference to examine urgency of sustainable living

If you think the global climate and energy crisis is “out there” and not “right here,” James van Hemert has about 80 experts ready to say you’re wrong. Martin Hoffert, a physicist from New York University, is one. Hoffert says research into new energy technologies is so far behind that […]

Photographer finds stories on less-traveled roads

Photographer finds stories on less-traveled roads

Not long ago, Aaron Huey (BFA ’99) was painting houses and sleeping on people’s couches, earning just enough money to repeatedly quit and travel to obscure and sometimes dangerous spots around the world. No reason; it just felt important. Same with the time he decided to walk across America. And also […]

Book explores Axis defeat in World War II

Adolf Hitler learned that the Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941 only after the fact. He heard it on the radio. So says Professor Jonathan Adelman, of the Graduate School of International Studies, in his new book, Hitler and His Allies in World War Two (Routledge, 2007). Adelman’s 11th book explores […]

DU institute battles bandits on the digital frontier

Security in the Wild West of electronic communication takes more than that little yellow picture of a lock on the bottom the Internet browser screen. At DU’s Colorado Research Institute for Security and Privacy (CRISP), research and innovation helps security experts stay a step ahead of hackers. Since 2004 when a […]

Alumna advocates for spinal-cord injury patients

The story of Theresa Chase’s (MA ’90) life seems to be told in two chapters: “before the accident” and “after the accident.” And yet, the thread of who she was to become was present long before that moment. That moment occurred on April 2, 1988, when Chase — 32 at […]

University celebrates Peace Corps anniversary with dinner, discussions

DU is celebrating the Peace Corps 47th anniversary with a week of special events Feb. 25–March 3. The week is meant to reach beyond established groups and to network Peace Corps experiences and opportunities with graduate and undergraduate student groups as well as the greater Denver community, says Peace Corps […]

Wal-Mart and Pepsi representatives to talk about going ‘green’

It isn’t just the grocer who’s going green. Two of the most recognized corporate brands in the world, Wal-Mart and PepsiCo. Inc., are embracing the sustainability movement. Representatives will be speaking at Davis Auditorium in Sturm Hall on the DU campus Feb. 27, 4–6 p.m. “Hearing how several of the most […]

Global health is alumna’s focus

Karen Gieseker (BS ’87, MS ’95) is passionate about teaching, or perhaps the better word is edification. Gieseker, an assistant professor at the Institute for Public Health at Georgia State University, has traveled the world controlling disease outbreak as an epidemiologist. Her larger focus, however, is helping people understand health […]

Perlmutter says terrorism vs. privacy is the next great debate

It took about 70 years from the time of man’s first flight for airlines to implement passenger security screening. It’s taken far fewer years since the 2001 World Trade Center attacks for the concept of security to begin butting up against issues of personal privacy. Colorado Rep. Ed Perlmutter, D-Golden, […]

Seventh grade students visit DU campus, attend mock classes

When Mitchel Livingston was in middle school, his guidance counselor told him he should learn to work with his hands, because he wasn’t “college material.” So, when Livingston earned his bachelor’s degree, he took his diploma back to that counselor and laid it in front of him saying, “See this. […]

International e-conference appeals to Renaissance writers

The reputation of those who study the Renaissance and early modern literature and culture might not be considered cutting edge. But, in February, DU English professor Scott Howard went high tech, launching the first e-conference targeting the group on a Web site called Appositions. “Bringing scholars together to further everyone’s work […]