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“Warhol in Colorado” events aim to educate

It’s not too late to visit “Warhol in Colorado” at DU’s Victoria H. Myhren Gallery. The exhibition features screen prints, photographs, films, record album covers, posters and other works by and about Andy Warhol. The show, which runs until March 13, is built around 158 Warhol Polaroids and silver prints […]

Tuition to increase by 3.74 percent for 2011–12 year

The DU Board of Trustees has approved a 3.74 percent tuition increase for the 2011–12 academic year. Effective fall 2011, full-time undergraduate tuition will be $36,936. Room and board charges for students choosing standard double-occupancy rooms and the premium meal plan is set at $10,184. The mandatory student fee will […]

Hamilton family gives $250,000 to University of Denver

Frederic and Jane Hamilton have donated $250,000 to the University of Denver in order to strengthen the link between DU’s School of Art and Art History and the Denver Art Museum. The money will be used for a program designed to advance students’ understanding of how artists and museums work […]

DU center finds Colorado’s finances are unsustainable

The University of Denver Center for Colorado’s Economic Future finds that recent state budget shortfalls are not just a short-term problem caused by a global economic downturn. In a Feb. 25 briefing to the state Legislature in advance of a preliminary report on Colorado state finances, the center reported that […]

Economic recovery will not cure Colorado’s budget woes

The Center for Colorado’s Economic Future finds that recent state budget shortfalls are not just a short term problem caused by a global economic downturn.

Resources for wounded veterans and disabled athletes

Wounded Warrior Project Raises awareness and enlists the public’s aid for the needs of injured service members; helps injured service members aid and assist each other; and provides direct programs and services to meet the needs of injured service members.   Disabled Sports USA With more than 100 […]

DU adds new chapter to its black history

For years the University of Denver identified Grace Mabel Andrews as its first African-American graduate. But as is often the case, history may need a little re-writing. Last May, Adjunct Professor Valeria Wenderoth arrived at DU to teach musicology classes for a Lamont School of Music faculty member who had […]

Presale inventory reveals artistic treasures at Phipps mansion

Last year’s inventory of University-owned art at the Phipps mansion yielded an unexpected but pleasant surprise. Sharp-eyed grad students discovered a 6-inch bronze sculpture—whose whereabouts were unknown for years—lounging in a bucket of brass doorknobs in the mansion’s basement. The sculpture was one of a set of four pieces by […]

Tennis house a reminder of Margaret Phipps’ support of the game

Tennis house a reminder of Margaret Phipps’ support of the game

Scrawled on the walls of the soda fountain room off the gallery in the Phipps tennis house are the signatures of some of the best tennis players of the 20th century. The names are fading and some of the autographs have been crowded out by the scratching of newlyweds, socialites […]

Erik Markusson: My Story

People living to be 40 years old with the Duchenne muscular dystrophy is rare.  I just turned 40 so I felt compelled to share my life story and philosophy about living with Duchenne’s with you.  I wrote this especially for others who have muscular dystrophy, their caregivers, and the people […]

All-American skier to remain with Norway through spring

Junior skier Leif Kristian Haugen of Lommedalen, Norway, will continue racing on the World Cup circuit in Europe and will not compete for DU this season. Haugen helped lead the University of Denver ski team to its third-straight NCAA championship in 2010. “This is a bittersweet situation for us,” DU head […]

DU to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps

DU is commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps with multiple events in late February and early March. Organizers say the events are designed to mark a major milestone for the organization and to connect members of DU’s Peace Corps communities. Here’s a list of events: A photo exhibit […]

Hill revisits his tour of duty in Iraq

In September 2010, State Department veteran Christopher Hill assumed the dean’s post at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies. During his 30-plus years of foreign service, Hill has routinely been at the frontlines of history, negotiating with the North Koreans, promoting peace in the Balkans and most recently, serving […]

Summer at DU will never be the same

The University of Denver is dramatically increasing the number of courses available for undergraduate students during summer quarter. Beginning in June, more choices will be available online and on-campus in each of the academic divisions that offer undergraduate education. “A survey in April of last year showed that undergraduate students […]

Undergraduate sustainability council installs new “green” energy devices on campus

DU’s “green” energy initiative just got cooler. The University installed “eCubes” in freezers and coolers around campus during winter break. The devices, which are wax cubes that affix to a refrigerator’s thermostat, are designed to decrease the power required to keep food cold, according to Tom McGee, DU’s energy engineer. […]