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Educational conference showcases DU’s research

The American Educational Research Association (AERA) holds its 91st annual meeting in Denver this week, and DU has a strong presence. With some 12,000 attendees, the conference will host education researchers from around the U.S. and the globe to share research findings. “We are fortunate to have the AERA conference […]

Mathematics professor to deliver University Lecture May 4

Mathematics professor to deliver University Lecture May 4

Where others see numerals and equations, University of Denver professor Rick Ball sees beauty and elegance. Where some might see his office as a private sanctuary for research, he sees it as an open environment for teaching and sharing. In recognition for his research into topology and other areas of […]

Banquet attendees will walk away hungry for action

Attendees to DU’s Hunger Banquet may leave the event a little hungry. Or at least, that’s what organizers want them to do. Upon arrival, guests will be assigned a socio-economic class for the night. They will then receive a meal indicative of their class to illustrate the range of the […]

Art show RAGEs against sexual assault

Art show RAGEs against sexual assault

April is sexual assault awareness month, but discussion on the issue will continue into May as the DU student group RAGE — Rape Awareness and Gender Education — hosts the artRAGEous art show May 3–5 in the Driscoll Gallery. The exhibit includes work that addresses sexual assault, gender issues, body […]

Derby Days’ profits to go to cancer treatment center

During the first week of May, DU’s Sigma Chi Fraternity will host its 32nd annual Derby Days. Although it’s traditionally a fun week of activities, it’s all for a good cause. Derby Days events help support deserving causes and promote the philanthropic efforts of DU’s Greek community, says Will Thompson, […]

Wall Street pros talk banking industry at finance summit

Even for veterans of high finance, the murky world of Wall Street can look like a complicated tangle. Finding what went wrong in the recent financial meltdown — and finding ways to make sure those errors never happen again — will not be easy. Securities expert Ted Weisberg said that […]

Chinese scholar sees a nation in flux, rooted in history with an eye to the future

Chinese scholar sees a nation in flux, rooted in history with an eye to the future

While China is becoming an increasingly important player on the world stage and Western nations strive to understand their new global partner, the nation is struggling to find its cultural identity, a leading China scholar explained at the University of Denver’s final Bridges to the Future lecture of the academic […]

Crusading alumnus says environmental groups should put people first

Crusading alumnus says environmental groups should put people first

When Paul Driessen was a student, he was a campus organizer and an environmental group supporter. Today he’s a vocal critic of the groups he used to champion and author of Eco-Imperialism: Green Power, Black Death (Merril Press, 2003), which has sold more than 10,000 copies. In the book, Driessen […]

The Women’s College to study feasibility of women-focused business leadership and entrepreneurship Center

The Women’s College (TWC) of the University of Denver recently received a $75,000 grant from the federal Economic Development Administration (EDA).

DU Ice Show is all fun and games

DU Ice Show is all fun and games

It might not be the Winter Olympics, but the 2010 University of Denver Ice Show will feature lots of skating skill. The show, with performances May 1–2, will feature of group, specialty, and solo figure skating numbers by approximately 150 skaters from preschool age to collegiate and seniors. This year’s […]

Dining out brings in charity on April 29

Remember last year, when you could eat at one of 250 restaurants in the Denver area and have a portion of your meal’s cost donated to Project Angel Heart? Good news: You can do it again this year. Project Angel Heart’s Dining Out for Life event will be April 29. […]

DU sponsors inaugural Black Male Initiative Summit

The first Black Male Initiative Summit will take place at DU on April 29, at DU’s School of Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management. The summit targets black males attending high school or college and the male educators and professionals who work with them.  According to Tracey Peters, director of the […]

Denver police praise campus officer’s ‘keen attention to duty’

Denver police presented commendations to DU Campus Safety Sgt. Steve Banet and three other citizens Monday for extraordinary service in support of police. “To honor citizens who have supported what we do is a great honor,” said Chief Gerald Whitman at the award ceremony at police headquarters in downtown Denver. “The Denver police […]

TEDxDU Challenges Attendees to “DU Something” at the First TEDx in the Rocky Mountain Region

Under the moniker of “TEDxDU: A Celebration of DUing,” the University of Denver (“DU”) will be the first in the Rocky Mountain region to host a TEDx event.

Researcher explores Ani DiFranco’s changing views on motherhood

As the mother of her own little “righteous babe,” DU lecturer Jennifer Campbell was very interested to see how motherhood would change one of her favorite musicians: Ani DiFranco, the punk-influenced, feminist singer-songwriter who released her first album in 1990 and had her first child in 2007. After tracking the […]