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State Rep. Crisanta Duran dedicated to community service

The first time state Rep. Crisanta Duran met Barack Obama was in 2007 at the University of Denver, when she was asked to introduce Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of President John F. Kennedy, at an Obama campaign rally. “That is one of the memories I cherish most,” Duran (BA ’02) […]

Alumna leads nonprofit that trains women for political office

After years of working in the nonprofit sector and immersing herself in issues aligned with her passions, Karen Middleton (MA ’07) decided she didn’t just want to promote change — she wanted to make it. A former assistant dean at what is now the Josef Korbel School of International Studies, […]

The University has played host to presidents and candidates alike

The University has played host to presidents and candidates alike

While Oct. 3 marks the first time that the University of Denver — or, indeed, Colorado — has hosted a presidential debate, it is hardly the University’s first encounter with the nation’s highest elected office. Over the years, the University has been visited a number of times by sitting, future […]

Senior Vince Szilagyi is chair of Colorado College Republicans

In April, senior history, geography and political science major Vince Szilagyi was elected state chair of the Colorado Federation of College Republicans. Q: What is College Republicans? A: Basically, College Republicans is the youth organization for the Republican Party as a whole. We’re unaffiliated with the party officially—we’re a nonprofit […]

Religion and Violence Speakers Series debuts this fall

Long before Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed at the United States consulate in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11, Arthur Gilbert was planning a series of lectures and panel discussions on religious violence. Recent events, Gilbert says, only underscore the importance of such discussions. “The recent unrest […]

Truth squad: Students check the facts behind campaign ads

It will come as a surprise to no one that political ads frequently bend the truth. But determining just how much the truth is being distorted in any given TV commercial is now a part-time job for three University of Denver students. Hannah Eddy, an MBA candidate in the Daniels […]

International Disaster Psychology students put lessons into practice during overseas internships

Studying international disaster psychology in a University of Denver classroom is one thing, but as Erika Childs discovered last summer, putting those lessons into practice in the real world can be even more difficult than one might imagine. Childs, a second-year student in the Graduate School of Professional Psychology’s Master’s […]

Newman Center for the Performing Arts celebrates 10 years

When students from the Lamont School of Music began moving into the brand new Robert and Judi Newman Center for the Performing Arts in fall 2002, classical guitar Professor Ricardo Iznaola noticed something interesting. “The students immediately began to perform better in the new halls,” says Iznaola, a Lamont faculty […]

Meet the Class of 2016

This fall, the University of Denver welcomed 1,450 new first-year and transfer students. Selected from a record-high pool of more than 16,000 applicants, the members of this class were admitted on the basis of their academic and extracurricular records. Representing a wide spectrum of backgrounds and geographic regions, the Class […]

DU political expert Seth Masket a go-to source for campaign media

When Seth Masket teaches undergraduate classes in political science, he likes to return, again and again, to a key question: “Where are politics happening?” Politics are happening under the legislative dome, of course. But they’re also happening at the corner empanada shop or the neighborhood diner, where, among other things, […]

Summer class teaches students about urban farming

Eleven University of Denver students got their hands dirty studying agriculture, food production and more as part of a summer quarter class called Urban Farming. Through site visits, guest speakers and in-depth discussions, students learned about food production, the local-food movement and how food travels from farm to table. They […]

University makes U.S. News ‘Up-and-Comers’ list in best colleges issue

When asked to name the institutions that “have recently made the most promising and innovative changes in the areas of academics, faculty, student life, campus or facilities,” college administrators around the country consistently included the University of Denver on their shortlists, according U.S. News & World Report’s annual college rankings […]

First-year seminar lets students design campaign video games

To teach first-year students about the machinations of campaign politics this fall, computer science Professor Scott Leutenegger intends to speak to the freshmen in a language he knows they will understand. He’s having them create their own video games. “You have this medium that kids want to engage with—they’re all […]

Incoming student brings open mind, can-do spirit

Incoming student brings open mind, can-do spirit

As a child, Samantha Lobato struggled with shyness and anxiety over her appearance. “I was really unsure of myself,’’ says Lobato, whose right arm was amputated at birth. “If we had an activity at school that involved using two hands, I would always be thinking, ‘How am I going to […]