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Meet the Class of 2016

This fall, the University of Denver welcomed 1,450 new first-year and transfer students.

Selected from a record-high pool of more than 16,000 applicants, the members of this class were admitted on the basis of their academic and extracurricular records. Representing a wide spectrum of backgrounds and geographic regions, the Class of 2016 is one of the most varied classes in recent history.

“The thing that really stands out the most is the rich diversity of this class,” says Tom Willoughby, vice chancellor for enrollment.

That, he explains, “will just add so much to our community. When I think of the broad range of backgrounds and life experiences that these students bring to the table, it’s impressive.”

Here’s a quick introduction to these high-achieving young men and women.

• First-year students come from 46 states and 16 countries.

• Out-of-state students account for 61 percent of the class; 9 percent of students are international; and 20 percent are students of color. This is one of the most diverse classes in recent history.

• The class includes 15 Boettcher Scholars. (Recognizing academic and extracurricular achievement, Boettcher Scholarships are awarded to 40 of Colorado’s top high school seniors each year.)

• More than 360 members of the class had a high school grade point average of 4.0.

• The average high school grade point average of first-year students was 3.7.

• Twenty-two members of the class are Daniels Fund Scholars. The Daniels Fund was created in honor of the late Bill Daniels, a cable television pioneer for whom the University’s Daniels College of Business is named.


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