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Alumnus helps others make a difference

Paul Fischer received his MA in American history from DU in 1976, just a year after returning from Ethiopia where, as a Peace Corps volunteer, he taught English in a rural high school. Since then, he’s been a business owner, public affairs specialist and even a diplomat for the U.S. […]

DU genetics center studies trumpeter swan populations

A new study by DU’s Rocky Mountain Center for Conservation Genetics and Systematics (RMCCGS) is helping wildlife conservationists manage western trumpeter swan populations. Before their feathers became a fashion accessory in the late 1800s, the swans (Cygnus buccinator) lived throughout North America. By the 1930s, hunting had reduced them to […]

DMS links students with nonprofits

Businesses increasingly rely on Web sites and digital media to communicate with their clientele. But nonprofits often struggle to afford the services of a Web designer or marketing agency to help them capitalize on the medium. A program of the Digital Media Studies (DMS) department solves this problem by linking […]

Web site helps students grade professors

A hottie with a body. Speaks French, English, German, Russian and Japanese. An astounding scholar who is interested in philosophy and psychodynamic psychology. Helpful, easy to talk and listen to and very, very easy on the eyes.  Sound like a personal ad? It isn’t. It’s an evaluation of a DU […]

Arts program helps Aurora youth, strengthens neighborhood

The Downtown Aurora Visual Arts (DAVA) organization offers free, after-school art programs weekdays for youth from low economic levels and high crime areas. DAVA serves approximately 700 students per year.   When DAVA was created 12 years ago, the area had no after-school programs. Executive Director Susan Jenson, MA ’98, […]

Lamont students learn production skills in recording studio

Whether they’re interested in recording jazz, rock or classical music, students at the Lamont School of Music have the advantage of learning the art of audio production in the Newman Center’s recording studio. Students in the Bachelor of Music Audio Production concentration who are preparing for a career in music recording […]

Social Work alumnus builds microbusinesses in Ghana

In northern Ghanaian villages, women tend bees and throw pots, generating products for the microbusinesses they established with the help of DU doctoral student and alumnus Ziblim Abukari. Abukari, who was the first person in his family to have any formal education, saw the affect he could have on “the […]