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Boomers trading leisure, retirement for continuing education

Boomers trading leisure, retirement for continuing education

Baby boomers are about to retire. Or are they?  Many experts on aging expect the boomers — those born between 1946 and 1964 — to not “go gently into that good night.” Instead, they say, many of the 79 million in America’s largest generation will reinvent themselves and redefine retirement. […]

Gaming producer mixes work and play to add fun to advertising

Who says you can’t mix work with play? Brian Robbins (BS computer science ’01, MBA ’01) does it every day. Plenty of folks would love to sit at his desk. Robbins is an executive producer and “gaming evangelist” for Fuel Industries, an interactive ad agency that literally adds fun and […]

Myhren Gallery to exhibit video games

The Myhren Gallery will look more like an arcade than a traditional art exhibit beginning Aug. 6.  The gallery will be re-configured to exhibit video games developed by high school freshmen and sophomores who participated in the University of Denver’s video game development camp held July 1–28. “We’re using the gallery […]

Alumna’s volunteer work has taken her around the world

Maydelle (Smith) Meier (MA ’53) knew she didn’t want a “regular” job after she graduated from the University of Denver’s theater program, but she wasn’t sure what that meant. So, she sought counsel from Katherine Kayser, a favorite instructor, who encouraged her to apply with the Red Cross. Meier took […]

Lund acts as DU’s ambassador in Norway

Lars Lund (BSBA ’74) admits he came to the University of Denver for the skiing. “I’m Norwegian! You have perfect skiing conditions here!” After graduation, Lund returned to Norway to help run the family’s business. He says he never expected to maintain a relationship with DU beyond that of a […]

Summer is conference season at DU

When classes aren’t in session and residence halls are empty of students, DU’s University Events division goes into overdrive. The six-person conferences and events staff starts as early as October to book residence halls, plan meals and reserve classrooms for the next summer. This summer, the University will host 41 conferences […]

DU introduces Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program

DU’s Morgridge College of Education and the Clayton Foundation have launched a new graduate certificate program to train early childhood education leaders. The Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program, funded with a $360,000 grant from the Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation in Denver, is one of the first programs in the country specifically […]

DU grad hits the small screen

In the old days, breaking into television meant moving to Hollywood and slogging through the ranks. Enter the Internet, broadband and digital streaming. For the price of a computer and a digital camera, anyone can play. University of Denver School of Communications 2005 graduate Christiaan Enthoven, 25, is part of […]

Campus garden is home to a tree planted by Lady Bird Johnson

Campus garden is home to a tree planted by Lady Bird Johnson

DU can give some credit for the abundance of thriving trees across campus to Lady Bird Johnson, who died July 11 at age 94. Johnson’s desire to beautify the country started with her Highway Beautification Act of 1965, which filled the nation’s freeway roadsides with flowers.  On Sept. 10, 1965, […]

Career adviser offers tips to find international employment

In the 12 years Jodi Lundin has worked at DU, she’s helped more than 1,000 people get international jobs. Lundin is director of career services for the Graduate School of International Studies.  Her resources include her knowledge of international employment, a variety of overseas contacts and a strong desire to make […]

Hockey alums regroup on ice for Snoopy seniors tourney

Ask anyone who plays the sport of hockey what makes it so great and the reply you’ll likely get is the family bond that is born from the lifelong friendships forged through the many battles together. While each hockey family is unique in its own way, you’d be hard pressed […]

Alumna continues to learn, teach and give

For Helen Garrett (BSBA general business ’47, MBA management ’57, PhD higher education/anthropology ’79), the saying, ‘It’s never too late to try something new,’ certainly rings true. In retirement, she’s become an avid golfer, painter, volunteer, conductor and globetrotter. “All of us have different adventures,” Garrett says, adding that chance […]

Computer game camps meld math, imagination

Making learning seem like fun and games is hard work. A team of DU professors is tackling that assignment with gusto by bringing together high school teachers and students this summer for an experiment in learning called Pixels, Programming, Pedagogy and Play. The six-week effort teaches students about math and […]

Mixing it with love to make our world taste very good

You’d think that after making 10 million or so chocolate truffles, Erich Dietrich would be sick of them. You’d think that at age 59, he’d want to hang up the candy-making apron he donned in Germany when he was 14 and swap the thick aroma of exquisite chocolate for the […]

Play explores mother/daughter relationships, benefits DU

Students of DU’s Graduate School of Professional Psychology (GSPP) have an invitation to a play on July 21. While the rest of the community is welcome, too, Saturday’s performance will benefit GSPP, and attendees can discuss the play afterward with two GSPP professors. Just Pretend Everything is Perfectly Normal debuts at […]