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Ricks Center student gets a white Christmas

Fourth grade Ricks Center student Chloe Nosan didn’t need snow this year. She’s playing Susan Waverly in the production of White Christmas at theDenver Center for Performing Arts through Dec. 30. 

Nosan, 9, has been acting since she was 5. She’s been in two productions at the Aurora Fox Arts Center.

“It’s extremely fun,” Nosan says. “Everyone is really nice, too.”

The show features popular Irving Berlin songs, including the title number. The story line revolves around two former army buddies and song-and-dance men who are putting on a show to save a country inn belonging to their former general. 

When Nosan’s character hears the concierge sing, she’s inspired to do the same.

“I get to sing a solo,” Nosan says. She sings “Let me sing and I’m happy.”

Nosan splits the part with another young actress, but the schedule is still grueling: four nights a week for 22 shows altogether. 

Chloe’s mother, Marla Nosan, says the family has had to make “major adjustments” to accommodate Chloe’s participation. Still, they have no regrets.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Chloe, and it has been 100 percent positive,” Marla says.

At first she says she was worried about her daughter’s safety, but was reassured when she learned the Denver Center has a children’s supervisor on staff to keep an eye on the young actresses. Although Chloe doesn’t get to bed until 11:30 p.m. on show nights (instead of her usual 8 p.m. bedtime), she hasn’t missed any school or assignments.

Ricks Center teacher Whitney Byrne says Chloe has been doing remarkably well. 

On Dec. 7, Chloe’s class put on a demonstration to show parents what students had learned about the Renaissance. Students each researched a painting, its painter and subject. They replicated the painting on poster board and then gave a speech about what they’d learned.

Chloe didn’t let her acting job interfere, Byrne says.

“Her parents should be praised, as well as Chloe, because they made it work for them,” Byrne says.

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