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Grad students spend summer in post-conflict regions

Instead of lying by a pool relaxing this summer, 26 DU graduate students traveled to post-conflict areas in Eastern Europe to work with organizations that provide psychosocial services to trauma-effected communities. The summer internship is a requirement of students obtaining a master’s degree in International Disaster Psychologyat DU’s Graduate School of […]

Blue Bear sculptor to discuss public art at alumni symposium

Blue Bear sculptor to discuss public art at alumni symposium

Unlike some public art projects, the Big Blue Bear outside the Denver Convention Center has captured the attention of most everyone who has encountered the 40-foot statue. DU alumni will have the opportunity to hear from the artist at the University’s inaugural alumni symposium Oct. 5–6. Lawrence Argent, a DU […]

House speaker wants to reform the state constitution

Colorado Speaker of the House Andrew Romanoff, D-Denver, laid out his plan for fixing the fiscal foibles in Colorado’s Constitution to a University of Denver panel studying constitutional reform. Speaking to the DU 2007 Strategic Issues Panel Sept. 14, Romanoff called for a two-step ballot process to untangle conflicting constitutional […]

Panel proposes nine-point plan for Colorado’s water future

While Coloradans have made great strides in conserving water, municipal and industrial demand for water in the next 20 years may increase by up to three times the amount of water currently delivered by Denver Water, the state’s largest municipal water agency, according to a water panel assembled by the […]

Recent grad develops computer program that could change forensic investigations

Colin Erdman (BA ’07) graduated in June with more than a degree in molecular biology. As he wound down his studies at DU, Erdman put the finishing touches on FLiPARS, a computer program that is poised to revolutionize forensic investigation. FLiPARS, Fractional Linkage Phase Analysis Resource System, can identify mitochondrial DNA […]

Chanda Plan to hold health expo at DU

Chanda Plan to hold health expo at DU

Chanda Hinton nearly died. Twice. When she was 9, a gun went off in the home of a family friend and the bullet entered the back of Hinton’s neck, severing her spinal cord. She became a quadriplegic. Two years ago, at 22, Hinton started dying again. “I was in constant, […]

Allergist writes puns, prescriptions

Coughing, sneezing and watery eyes are annoying symptoms of common allergies, but Dr. Robert Boxer (BA chemistry ’53), an allergist, believes laughter may provide some relief. Nearly 20 years ago Boxer sat in a cafeteria surrounded by other doctors and discovered his ability to evoke a hearty laugh from them […]

New symposium offers ‘lifelong learning’ opportunities for alumni

In an effort to engage alumni in lifelong academic exploration, the University is hosting its first-ever alumni symposium Oct. 5–6. Symposium participants will be able to choose from more than 20 faculty presentations offered in three sessions. Topics range from the global financial system, biological terrorism and the conservative-liberal ideological […]

Women’s golf captures Topy Cup title

The 18th-ranked Pioneers women’s golf team shot a final round 5-over par 293 on Sept. 5 and wrapped up a 10-shot victory at the Topy Cup tournament, an annual event that pits some of the top collegiate teams in Japan against U.S. counterparts.  The Pioneers, who entered the final round […]

DU launches new emergency notification system

The University of Denver has activated a new voice, e-mail and text message system designed to alert students, faculty and staff in the event of an emergency on campus. The Critical Incident Notification System (CINS) was launched on Sept. 5, five days before the beginning of the fall quarter. DU […]

Alumnus gets dream job in Hollywood

Alumnus gets dream job in Hollywood

Jim Gray is living a story straight out of Hollywood. Actually, straight into Hollywood. The University of Denver graduate has parlayed good luck, hard work and perseverance into what legions of star-struck writers only dream of: a full-time writing position for a network show that’s earning critical acclaim. “This just […]

Bank reduces light pollution at neighbor’s behest

Sometimes shedding a little darkness can show you’ve seen the light. Just ask Lamont Associate Professor Antonia Banducci. Her backyard is dark again and she’s beaming. And Artem Guralev, the 2003 Daniels College finance graduate who made it happen, is feeling especially bright. For months, Banducci had been hoping to […]

Panel will take in-depth look at constitution

The 2007 University of Denver Strategic Issues Panel kicked off its study of the Colorado Constitution Sept. 5 by listening to the insights of a national expert on state constitutions. He advised them to take a “hard-nosed, in the trenches” look at how the state’s constitution impacts the everyday lives of […]

Students work to restore historic mural

Students work to restore historic mural

Perched on a second-hand construction scaffold 20 feet above the stage in the Little Theatre in Margery Reed Hall are two DU seniors having the time of their lives. One sits on a thick pillow, legs dangling. Both are hunched over, staring intently at the proscenium arch, a brick and […]

Einstein, scientists’ lives examined in new book

Einstein, scientists’ lives examined in new book

Albert Einstein spent much of the winter of 1943–44 at his Princeton, N.J., home among friends— philosopher Bertrand Russell, logician Kurt Gödel and Wolfgang Pauli, one of the founders quantum mechanics — while discussing their respective work and the urgency of the scientific world developing around them.  In 112 Mercer Street […]