Articles written by: Samantha Stewart

Alumnus explores South Broadway in historical book series

Since establishing the University Park campus in the 1880s, DU has been an influential force in the surrounding community. The Spirits of South Broadway (New Social Publications, 2008), by Phil Goodstein (MA ’75), explores the University’s pioneering role in South Denver and the history of the South Broadway corridor from […]

Hockey alums take home gold in Snoopy seniors tournament

For the first time, a team of Pioneers alumni won a gold medal at Snoopy’s Senior World Hockey Tournament in Santa Rosa, Calif. The Pioneers won the 60–64 “Marcie” division July 20 by defeating the University of Michigan Wolverines in the championship. This year, 56 teams competed in the annual […]

Aging buildings get tucked

While the architectural styles of University Hall and the Mary Reed Building have held up well over time, the mortar which holds these brick and stone buildings together has become a bit too antiquated. For more than a month, workers have been completing a process known as tuck-pointing, which involves […]

Colorado’s sunny days mean skin needs extra protection

University tour guides customarily mention that Denver receives more than 300 days of sunshine a year, yet current statistics indicate that few young people, such as the prospective students who attend these tours, are taking the necessary steps to protect themselves from the negative effects of sun exposure. One negative […]

Lacrosse player has unique offseason conditioning program

Lacrosse is easy for Andrew Bourke these days. Diminutive in stature, the 5-foot-7, 165-pound senior never had it easy on the lacrosse field — until recently. Constantly battling with Division I college players much taller or heavier than him, Bourke has earned every minute of playing time he gets as […]

Report says ‘huffing’ is linked to adolescent suicide

Report says ‘huffing’ is linked to adolescent suicide

Inhaling, or “huffing,” the vapors of common household solvents strongly correlates with suicidal thoughts and behavior among adolescents. That’s what researchers found in a study of 723 incarcerated youth — the first work to categorize inhalant use into levels of severity and to relate this to suicidal ideas and suicide […]