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Workshop helps bridge generation gaps between workers

Consider this: Today, for the first time in U.S. history, the workforce has four generations all bunched together on the same proverbial assembly line.   The four groups are: Traditionalists (born from 1900–45), Boomers (born from 1946–64), Xers (1965–80) and Millennials (1981–99). And now more than ever, experts say they all […]

Report says ‘huffing’ is linked to adolescent suicide

Report says ‘huffing’ is linked to adolescent suicide

Inhaling, or “huffing,” the vapors of common household solvents strongly correlates with suicidal thoughts and behavior among adolescents. That’s what researchers found in a study of 723 incarcerated youth — the first work to categorize inhalant use into levels of severity and to relate this to suicidal ideas and suicide […]

Gerlach stays busy to keep happy

Joel Gerlach rarely relaxes. “I’m not happy unless I’m really busy,” says Gerlach, a new intern for DU’s diversity and community relations department. “I really don’t like idle time.” He says it’s a characteristic born from tragedy. When Joel was a small boy, his dad, a cab driver, was murdered […]

Symposium ‘exceeds expectations,’ alums say

They already have diplomas and jobs, their graduations are past and final grades forgotten. But on Oct. 5–6, University of Denver alumni gathered in the Sturm College of Law for the inaugural Alumni Symposium to take classes. The symposium brought more than 100 alumni together to re-connect with each other, […]

Panel examines state-by-state constitutional reforms

DU’s Strategic Issues Panel wrapped up the first phase of its study of Colorado’s Constitution on Oct. 5 with a look at what other states have done to reform their constitutions. The panel begins the next phase of its deliberations Oct. 12, moving past a month of comprehensive presentations by local […]

DU attracts more students from outside of Colorado this year

Nearly 60 percent of incoming first-year students at the University of Denver hail from outside the boundaries of Colorado. University administrators say it is a trend that recognizes DU’s growing national and international reputation. “In order to become a truly great university, one of the best in America, we need […]

Professor wants to renew quest for space exploration

Fifty years of space exploration is just the beginning, the way University of Denver Astronomy Professor Robert Stencel sees things. Stencel, officiating at an Oct. 4 commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the world’s first artificial satellite, the Russian-built Sputnik, urged those in attendance to help re-energize the thirst for […]

Jeopardy! tryouts test students on trivia

This can describe the atmosphere of tryouts for a popular game show series: What is “brutal?” That’s the word from senior promotions manager Grant Loud, who helped bring Jeopardy! tryouts to DU Oct. 3. About 750 people — approximately 250 of them DU undergraduates — filled the Driscoll Ballroom hoping […]

Two Pioneers summit Mt. McKinley

It’s not surprising that DU students rise to the top in many fields. But it’s not often they rise to the very top — as in the highest point in North America. Now two DU students have done exactly that.  On June 16, junior biology major Mike Hinckley and MBA […]

Sailing sets business students on course for success

What’s business got to do with sailing?  Plenty, at the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business.  Students in the school’s executive master’s in business administration (EMBA) program are learning how to better navigate the wavy waters of business by sailing in the waters off the coast of San Diego. Just […]

New class established for marijuana offenders

For the first time, students caught smoking pot will have to complete a special education class just as alcohol violators do. As with the drinkers, pot smokers will be charged $50, made to write their parents and required to hand in a 500-word essay after the class on what they […]

‘Dr. Love’ garners award for relationship research

‘Dr. Love’ garners award for relationship research

His name is filed under “Dr. Love” in reporters’ rolodexes across the nation. It’s not uncommon for him to field calls from USA Today, The New York Times and Oprah in the same week. But Howard Markman is committed to more than providing marriage advice via the media. Markman, a University of Denver […]

Lamont alumni take music on the road

Lamont alumni take music on the road

They’re tired, virtually homeless and living their dream. It’s been a good year for the five members of the Kinetix, a funk/rock band that sprang from DU’s Lamont School of Music.  As their passion for beat and melody led them from small towns to DU, it’s taken them back out […]

Alumnus digs dirt

Alumnus digs dirt

Brian Brandy (BSBA ’01) is into dirt. Literally. As co-owner of a new Denver-based landscape company, Higher Ground, Brandy finds himself in the dirt a lot. And there’s no place he’d rather be. “I absolutely love being outside,” he says. “I’ve had a couple of suit-and-tie jobs and they seemed […]

New buildings give campus a fresh look

Students returned in September to a campus community jangling with more change than a Black Hawk casino. Buildings are going up, buildings are coming down. Merry Mac, a two-story campus office that stood for 53 years, was knocked down, dragged away and replaced — temporarily — by four trailers. Centennial […]