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Architect finds beauty in ‘breweriana’

Architect finds beauty in ‘breweriana’

If the world’s beer can collectors formed their own country, Mark Rodgers would be secretary of state. By day, Rodgers is the architect for the University of Denver, designing buildings and overseeing campus cohesiveness. But by evening he’s a tireless accumulator of distinctive beer cans from around the world. His […]

Denver voters to receive mail ballots Oct. 12-22

Mail ballots will begin arriving at the homes of 163,000 registered Denver voters Oct. 12–22, seeking decisions on school board candidates, infrastructure and marijuana. The largest issue on the ballot is a $480 million bond issue and mill levy increase aimed at improving streets, parks, libraries, rec centers, public safety […]

New tennis court surface creates better playing grounds

DU’s tennis courts have gotten a facelift. The age cracks that blemished the faded green asphalt of the six Stapleton Tennis Pavilion courts have been concealed by a new composite material that won’t crack, is less jarring for players and offers a strategic advantage to DU’s tennis teams. The material […]

Islam is multi-faceted, professor says

Professor Liyakat Takim wants everyone who’ll listen to know that Islam is not monolithic. On the contrary, he says, there are “different expressions and manifestations of Islam in America.” Takim, an assistant professor in DU’s Department of Religious Studies, has research interest in the historical development of theological literature in Islam’s […]