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Class of 2010 told that ‘education will open many doors.’

Undergraduate Commencement

More than 1,000 students received diplomas at the University of Denver's undergraduate Commencement on June 5. Photo: Wayne Armstrong

While a world-class education can open the doors to great opportunities, it also comes with great responsibilities to bring critical thinking into the world, said Patricia Gabow at the University of Denver’s undergraduate Commencement ceremony on June 5.

The chief executive officer of the Denver Health and Hospital Authority spoke to a near-capacity crowd during the Saturday morning ceremony at DU’s Magness Arena.

“With an education, there is nothing you can’t do,” she said. “Given the economic times, you may doubt that — but even now, education will open many doors.”

“But you must find the doors and walk through them — they won’t come to you.”

Gabow shared three sayings from her grandfather, a public school music teacher who immigrated to the United States from Italy at the age of 16. She encouraged the 1,232 graduates to recognize that they can do anything with an American education, to remember that something good can come from a bad situation, and to use their talents to commit good for themselves, their families, and their cultures.

“Walk with fortitude and joy,” Gabow exhorted graduates. “Make the country and the world a better place because you were in it.”

In recognition for her years of service to the Denver community and her leadership in health care reform issue, Chancellor Robert Coombe awarded Gabow an honorary doctorate of public service.

undergraduate Commencement

Undergraduate Commencement speaker Patricia Gabow told DU's graduating seniors to "make the country and the world a better place because you were in it."

“Denver Health has an enormous influence on the city and is one of the top urban hospitals in the United States due to the enlightened leadership of Dr. Gabow,” Coombe said. “She makes sure that all who walk through the doors are treated with care, no matter what their station in life.”

At the ceremony, alumna Sara Silva (BA and IMBA ’05), congratulated the graduates and welcomed the students into the ranks of more than 100,000 DU graduates worldwide, encouraging them to stay active in the life of the University through alumni chapters.

“During your time at DU, there have been profound changes in you and in your alma mater,” Coombe told the graduates. “We are so, so proud of you.”

View a slideshow of DU’s 2010 Commencement or watch the entire ceremony.

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