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Daniels Fund scholars on campus to learn about college

The University of Denver is helping make students who are about to start college feel more comfortable by hosting a week of activities on campus for them.

The 255 newly named Daniels Scholars — from Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Wyoming — are at DU through July 11 taking part in a program designed to help them succeed in college. Some of the students will attend DU, while most will attend schools across the country.

They were selected from 2,000 applicants to receive a four-year scholarship through the Daniels Fund.

The transition program — called Scholars Heading into the Future Together (SHIFT) —provides an on-campus experience for students from families with financial need. Activities include team building and academic coaching.

“It is all too easy for a first-year college student to become distracted,” says Linda Childears, president and CEO of the Daniels Fund. “The SHIFT program helps our new Daniels Scholars set priorities that will enable them to succeed in college and move on to happy, productive lives.”

Cable-TV pioneer Bill Daniels, the namesake of DU’s Daniels College of Business, founded the Daniels Fund in 1997. Daniels estate transferred to the fund when he died in 2000, making it one of the largest foundations in the Rocky Mountain West.

Watch a video about the program at the University of Denver on Channel Four’s Web site:

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